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Beijing Landwasher Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded by a Peking University graduate with a registered capital of 5 million Yuan, registered at Room 1015, Science and Education Building, East Campus, Beijing Jiaotong University, No. 44, Gaoliangqiao Xiejie, Haidian District, Beijing. Its legal representative is Wu Hao, obtained the awards of China National High-tech Enterprise and Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise.    

We have been focusing on sanitary toilet solutions without water supply and drainage for 25 years. We engaged in the research and development of sanitary toilets without sewers relatively early in the industry and have multi-national patent authorization for water-free flushable toilet technology. This technology has won the China Patent Excellence Award awarded by the China Intellectual Property Office, the Outstanding Case Award of the 1st National Toilet Technology Innovation Competition in 2016 by the former China Tourism Administration and the Gates Foundation, and the First Rural Science and Technology Award by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, the second prize in the innovative R&D project group of the Toilet Modification Technology Product Innovation Competition, and was included in the list of "Excellent Cases of Cultural and Tourism Equipment Technology Improvement in 2019" by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China. It is the only remaining temporary mobile toilet supplier for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics Games, the 2009 China National Day 60th Anniversary Parade, and the mobile toilet supplier for the 2011 Xi'an World Garden Expo. There are cases of water-free flushable toilets in hundreds of sanitation and scenic attractions in China. These include several industry records, including the case of a sanitary toilet without sewers in China that has been in continuous operation for 16 years and used by over 3,000-10,000 people per day (Queyoumen of the Forbidden City), and at an altitude of 5,410 meters in the world (on the China-India border).

From 2005 to 2015, we were the leading company in China's mobile toilet segment industry, covering the entire industry chain of toilet equipment research and development, toilet body manufacturing, toilet leasing, and technical services. After 2016, we successfully transformed into a technology-based light-asset enterprise, focusing only on the research and development of water-free flushable toilets. Our business model was adjusted from B2C to B2B.

     Wu Hao, the founder of the company, is a member of the first and second China Urban Environmental Sanitation Technical Standardization Committee and a member of the first and second Environmental Sanitation Standardization Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. He presided over the revision of the Chinese National Environmental Health Standardization Committee in 2016, the standard "Classification and Assessment of Quality Grades of Tourist Toilets" GB/T 18973-2016, and the formulation of the "Rating Rules for Quality Grades of Tourist Toilets" based on this national standard, and participated in the revision of China's housing construction system industry standard "Urban Public Toilet Design Standards" CJJ 14-2016. He is currently presiding over the revision of China's national standard "Water-free Flush Sanitary Toilet" GB/T 18092-2008 and the formulation of China's tourism system industry standard LB/T 071-2019 "Basic Requirements for Sustainable Sewerless Tourist Toilets", entrusted by the China Standards Administration Committee SAC to participate in the formulation of the ISO 30500-2018 "Sanitary Facilities System without Drainage Pipes" international standard.

In addition, the founder of the company served as the first chairman of the Toilet Special Committee of the China Tourist Attractions Association, the first leader of the expert group of the Toilet Special Committee of the China Environmental Sanitation Association, the first director of the Public Toilet Special Committee of the Beijing City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Association, and the Yunnan Experts of the Provincial Culture and Tourism Public Service Expert Committee and other positions.

The water-free flushable toilet is a toilet technology that collects fresh urine, adds a trace amount of antibacterial scale-inhibiting deodorant to make it a flushing liquid, and flushes, crushes and deodorizes the stool, thereby achieving sanitary flushing without water supply and drainage. This technology emits 0.25 liters per capita, and the emissions are slurry fluid without lumpy solids. It removes most of the odor, making it harmless and easy to utilize resources.



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