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The logo of GongJiang is in a shape of a toilet seat accompanied by the Chinese letter “Gong (). Together they form a proximity shape of “Jiang ()” Two words combined implies we are dedicating ourselves to constantly improve our technology of toilet and make our share of contribution in making the earth greener.


Toilets have gone through two eras: dry toilets and flushable toilets. The former is ecologically but unhygienic, and the latter is hygienic and unenvironmentally friendly. The mission of GongJiang is to create an environmentally friendly, hygienic and clean toilet to serve mankind. At present, eco-toilets are still in full bloom. What kind of paradigm the future eco-toilet will be has yet to be determined. GongJiang toilet tools strive to become the mainstream eco-toilet technology paradigm in the future. GongJiang technology has existed for 25 years and is one of the earliest existing ecological toilet technologies in China. GongJiang would work its way to become a century-old brand in the toilet industry in the future.


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